Friday, February 24, 2012

The Meal

Today I participated in a project through the Art House Co-op called "The Meal."

The description:
On February 24th at 12pm EST, join thousands of people around the world in a simultaneous global meal. Whether it's breakfast in LA or a midnight snack in Beijing, let's take a moment from our hectic lives and share it with strangers around the world. Snap a photo of yourself and your meal and mail it to us — we'll create an exhibition from these self-portraits, documenting the world's largest communal snack.
Here was my contribution:

Me, eating leftover chicken fajitas while sitting on the couch watching Project Runway Allstars with my kitties.

I can't wait to see the other contributions.  I wonder what everyone else was doing today at noon.

It reminds me of the project One Day on Earth, that asked people to take video and images from 10/10/10.  I signed up to participate in that but forgot my camera when I went out of town for my friends' wedding that day.  I WISH I had been able to participate, because it was a really fun day and totally worthy of being a part of that amazing project.  I watched the trailer for it today and am totally kicking myself for having forgotten my camera that day a year and a half ago.

I really like participating in these kinds of projects.  Part of it is that when you see the project you feel like a part of a larger world.  The other part is a little voyeuristic, where you get a peek into other people's lives.

If you've never heard of the Art House Co-op I recommend checking it out and maybe signing up for a project or two!